Building Management Systems

What is a Building Management System?

A Building Management System (BMS) is a design of a programmable controllers required to automate, schedule, alarm, show trends and analyze and provide data to the end user of all the systems in any building.

Systems in a BMS

The main key value of a BMS is to automate the most energy consuming systems to reduce its consumption while keeping the efficiency and quality of the building’s equipment at its best, this guarantees a longer life-span of a building’s equipment and alarms a building owner or operator to any faults or maintenance in their entire system.

The systems that we integrate into BMS are as follows:

  • Cooling such as Chillers, Chilled water valves or chilled water pumps.
  • Ventilation such as AHUs, FAHUs, FCUs, dampers or air curtains.
  • Plumbing such as Irrigation, booster or Pressurization Pumps.
  • Electrical panels such as Lighting circuits, MV or LV breakers.
  • Security systems such as CCTV or Access control systems.

What Benefits we Bring to Property Owners & Operators Via BMS ?

1. Reduced energy consumption

By using the equipment only when required and as required as advised by our team, to match the load of the building and creating a comfortable clean air circulation, the automated equipment makes sure that everything is used only when required leading to huge savings in energy.

2. Longer Building Life-Span

Due to us automating the building efficiently, the running hours for the equipment in the building would require less maintenance and reward sustainability to the controlled equipment.

3. Connectivity & HMI

There is no further requirement where every system in the building needs its own interface and its own specialist, we design a very simple and easy to use Human-Machine-Interface (HMI), makes it simple for the operators and engineers to monitor and control the building as needed even remotely if required

Our Clients

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