Metering & Billing Services

What is Metering & Billing?

Metering & Billing system is a software & Hardware solution we provide to the property owners, managers, and landlords to accurately bill tenants for their usage of chilled water for cooling. Typically, this system is consisting of BTU Meters, Gateways and a client account in our billing software while adding a cloud integration as an optional feature for the clients. 

Why do you need to do metering & Billing & what features it has?

BTU Meter Installation:  we provide BTU meters, with installation, commissioning & provide integration to 3rd party systems.

Meter Reading and Data Collection:  the system collects utility consumption data integrated metering systems.

Usage Calculation: The system calculates the individual usage of chilled water for each tenant based on the collected data.


Billing Generation: A bill or invoice for each tenant is generated once usage is calculated by the system. Bills include a breakdown of energy used, declared load fixed cost, connection fees, and any additional fees.

Invoice Distribution: A system can send tenants invoices via email, SMS or online through the platform. 

Payment Tracking: The system tracks tenants` payments and updates their account balances accordingly.

Late Payment and Reminders: The system can generate reminders or notifications for tenants with outstanding balances and apply late payment fees as per the lease agreement.

Reporting and Analytics: Reports and analytics about utility consumption trends, revenue generation, and tenant payment history are provided for property managers.

Remote Control Over Building: The ability to close a chilled water pipe or shut down electricity and water remotely for non-paying tenants is a new feature given to our clients who are facing payment issues with tenants.

Integration: Integrating the system with existing property management, accounting, and utility metering software could make data exchange seamless.

Tenant Portals: Modern systems offer online portals where tenants can track their usage, bills, and payments. Transparency is enhanced and inquiries are reduced as a result.

Support for Different Properties: The system is flexible enough to accommodate different property types, whether it`s a residential apartment building, a commercial complex, or mixed-use spaces.

Compliance: Legal and regulatory requirements regarding billing, data privacy, and tenant rights should be met by the system.

Scalability: A system should be able to handle increasing numbers of tenants and properties without sacrificing performance.

Trends & recommendations: Our enhanced software can notify the tenant on their usage and recommend instructions to lower consumption and share statistic of probable future bills for different consumption choices.

While providing billing software and BTU meters to measure chilled water consumption a customer can monitor the building’s energy consumption remotely gaining daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports.

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